Multi-Family Real Estate Services

Multi-unit commercial real estate refers to properties divided into units where individual families can live. They often include apartments, townhouse subdivisions and more. Recently, we have seen increased demand for apartments and other types of multi-family real estate, providing a potential passive income stream for investors who use property managers to take care of the upkeep and everyday concerns. Now is the perfect time to invest if you have been thinking about getting into the multi-family market. 

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate can help you find multi-family commercial real estate that meets your needs. We work with clients to find the ideal investment options, identifying possibilities to purchase multi-family properties for sale in the Mid-Atlantic region or find others for lease. Our brokers take a creative approach that opens you up to greater opportunities. We love building on our many existing relationships by reaching out to find innovative solutions that fit you. 

Often we find a property that hasn’t even been listed yet, giving you the first crack at it. You will appreciate our approach to problem-solving, and you will benefit from our lifetime commitment to do right by your needs. We look forward to serving you in whatever way we can. 

    What Types of Multi-Unit Property for Lease or Sale Can You Find in Pennsylvania and Beyond? 

    We start our process by talking with you and developing an understanding of your needs so we can determine what type of property would work best for you. Our extensive client network allows us to provide many choices that you may not have even realized were available. By adjusting your location parameters, you can often discover a match that brings unforeseen opportunities. The many possibilities you can explore include: 

    • Garden-unit apartments
    • Student housing projects
    • Senior housing developments
    • Affordable housing spaces

    We’ll look at which multi-family commercial property for sale or lease offers the greatest chance for growth in the future. For instance, with the over-65 population expanding quickly, a senior housing development may offer the best long-term outlook. 

    Why Choose Zommick McMahon for Multi-Unit Property Brokers? 

    We have the resources and relationships to get you the property you desire at the right price. Our team works hard to develop relationships that we can draw on in the future. One of these contacts may show us a listing that hasn’t hit the market yet, giving you a competitive bidding advantage. Our apartment brokers can find property for sale that we have identified as having the best long-term chances for financial gain based on our exclusive analysis and insights. 

    Our team treats every client as the unique individual they are. We know your needs differ, and we listen to them to ensure we meet your preferences. Other advantages of using our services include: 

    • In-depth knowledge of the tri-state area, including Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. 
    • Long history of local expertise that dates back to our founding in 1949.
    • Identifying financial pitfalls or concerns about your chosen property and advising you on how to avoid them.

    Contact Our Multi-Family Commercial Brokers

    Allow us to become your Mid-Atlantic apartment brokers and find the perfect property for your needs. Get in touch with us right away by calling 610-359-1100 or filling out our online contact form.