Hospitality Real Estate in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Owning a hotel or motel offers a fantastic real estate investment opportunity, particularly right now thanks to the continuing boom of the hospitality industry. People who were stuck in their homes for months during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic are eager to begin traveling and exploring again. Motels and hotels are benefiting from that newfound sense of adventure. Across Pennsylvania, they see booming business, and you can become a part of that when you choose this lucrative investment opportunity. 

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate can help you identify hospitality properties for sale and rent that meet all your criteria. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs, allowing us to look for hotels and motels for sale near you that offer the location and amenities you desire in the type of establishment you want to create. 

Our brokers spend time with our clients to learn about their expectations and desires so we can help them make sound investments. They then apply what they learn to our singular sales process. That’s how we find unique solutions and properties you might not consider or be able to find on your own. 

    Finding the Right Hotels and Motels for Sale 

    What should you look for in your new property? Location is vital to the success of a hotel. You need to be located close to places that people want to visit. Popular tourist destinations, for instance, make excellent places to find the right property.

    Hotels and motels should demonstrate good upkeep, though no property will be perfect. Still, fixing a few minor issues is more desirable than undertaking a massive renovation. We can get you information about past ownership and other details about the building’s history to help you find a property that aligns with your expectations and willingness to renovate. 

    Pick Zommick McMahon for Hospitality Property for Rent and More

    We stand out from other hotel real estate companies because we take a different approach to the buying process. We have outstanding resources that we draw on, including insights gleaned from years of industry analysis. Additionally, we can use our existing relationships to find you properties that may not have even hit the market yet. Real estate is a business built on your network, and ours is extensive. We know people far and wide, and we follow those connections to find you the best deals. 

    Working with us to find hotels or motels for rent or sale comes with numerous advantages. We stand out from other hospitality property brokers by providing: 

    • Individualized approach: We consider your goals as we look for properties and tailor our search results to your preferences and situation.
    • Local expertise: We know the tri-state market and are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our brokers know people throughout these states and can explore many different property options for you. 
    • Longstanding reputation: Our company was founded in 1949 and has maintained a sterling reputation for reliability.

    Contact Our Commercial Real Estate Hotel Brokers

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