Health Care Industry Real Estate Services

The past few years’ events have highlighted just how critical the health care industry is to the modern world. It is an important part of our everyday lives, and investing in medical buildings for sale can provide a lucrative stream of revenue. Doctors’ and dentists’ services will always be in demand, and they can make for a great addition to your investment portfolio. We also help those who are in the medical profession and need small medical office space for rent to serve patients.

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate offers a personalized approach to commercial real estate that you won’t find elsewhere. Our brokers work closely with each client to understand their goals and objectives. We know that tailoring our search to your individual needs will generate better results for you because you’ll get exactly what you want, and we always want to make sure you’re satisfied.

We’re proud to support our health care heroes by helping investors find locations that will help the most people. We also offer assistance to health care professionals directly by looking for new opportunities for offices. Whatever your needs, let us meet them and exceed your expectations.

    How We Help You Find the Right Medical Office Real Estate 

    Finding the best medical real estate investment property or medical offices for lease starts with considering the location. Our medical real estate brokers look for sites close to the group of patients you want to target. Proximity to them is key, as they need to be able to access the location’s services. 

    Another important factor is looking at data and analyses from the area, which we can provide. Based on historical factors and other local results, we can break down your best chances for a successful private medical practice space. 

    Why Use Our Health Care Real Estate Brokers in the Greater Philadelphia Area? 

    With a long, established history of providing trustworthy advice to our clients, Zommick McMahon is one of the most respected commercial real estate firms in the tri-state area. We build on the institutional knowledge we have accumulated since our founding in 1949, and we bring those insights to bear in every transaction we enter on behalf of our clients.

    Over many years, we have built an impressive network of reliable resources. Real estate depends on relationships. It is built on cooperation and collaboration, and we nurture many relationships across the region that help us find the best deals for our clients. Our open, creative approach encourages our brokers to try new things to discover private medical practice spaces for rent or health care buildings for sale in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Other advantages of working with us include: 

    • Tri-state licensing: We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. 
    • Local expertise: We understand the local market and can offer unparalleled insights. 
    • Individual attention: We care about you and your desires for your unique health care real estate deal. 


    Make a Health Care Real Estate Investment

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