Commercial Land Development Services

Are you considering commercial land acquisition in Pennsylvania or the surrounding area? Purchasing land for sale offers exciting opportunities for your business or your investment strategy. You have the chance to build something from the ground up and determine what type of industry you develop it for, in addition to making decisions about how you use the land. Finding commercial real estate land for sale is an exciting chance for those who revel in creative approaches or want to make a mark on the local landscape. 

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate offers commercial land investor representation for buyers like you located across the tri-state area. Our commercial land development brokers understand the best locations to consider and study trends in the area, analyzing data to come up with insights you won’t get from other companies. 

We create individualized solutions. Our brokers talk to clients about their aims, noting different commercial land development locations throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and seeing what fits your needs. We employ creative solutions, using our network to identify opportunities that may not have even hit the market yet. When you have our commercial land development brokers in your corner, you can feel confident you will find what you need. 

    Types of Commercial Land for Sale in the Tri-State Area

    As you undertake your search, you may already know what kind of land suits your plans, or you may want some guidance. Those who want to find commercial land for lease will have specific requirements for the property, which will differ from the needs of an investor looking to buy land. Start by thinking about zoning laws, which determine what you can use the land for, and what industry you hope to attract if you want to lease the property you develop. We can help you determine the best use for the land from options such as: 

    • Agriculture
    • Residential
    • Retail
    • Office space
    • Warehousing or industrial

    Why We Stand Above Other Commercial Land Development Companies

    The brokers at Zommick McMahon are the best in the business because we offer a personal approach to commercial land development that you won’t find elsewhere. We uncover solutions no one else would find because we think about your development strategy from many angles, allowing us to identify creative solutions. That could mean connecting with an old client to find commercial land for sale near Philadelphia that hasn’t even hit the market yet, or it could be using market research to identify a location you hadn’t considered. 

    We have more than seven decades in the industry, throughout which time we have continually cultivated strong relationships and upheld our exceptional reputation for customer service. Other advantages of using our services include: 

    • Individualized attention and insights
    • Data-driven analysis to uncover unexpected opportunities
    • Access to a team licensed in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

    Reach out to Discuss Land Development in the Mid-Atlantic Region

    Let us provide the commercial land development transaction support you need for a positive experience. Call our office at 610-359-1100 to connect with a broker or contact us online.