Mixed-Use Real Estate Services

Mixed-use commercial property has become very popular in urban and suburban areas where space is at a premium, and people increasingly desire to live within walking distance of their entertainment options. What does mixed-use commercial real estate mean? It refers to property used for more than one purpose. For instance, retail shops may line the bottom floor with apartments on the upper floors. The recent boom in town center-like structures illustrates the demand for multi-use property for rent or sale in Pennsylvania.

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate can find you mixed-use property for sale or rent in a favorable location. Our outstanding team has represented many clients who buy or lease these spaces. We use our extensive industry background to find the best properties for you, looking at factors such as location and what a property has been zoned for, and employ a creative approach focused on problem-solving to find unconventional solutions.

Our team nurtures relationships throughout the tri-state area, giving us an extensive network to draw on as we search for the right property. Often, we discover properties that haven’t even gone on the market yet, giving you a competitive advantage in the bidding. We can assist you whether you want to find mixed-use commercial buildings for sale or rent space in a town center.

    Advantages of Multi-Use Commercial Space in the Greater Philadelphia Area

    Why have multi-use properties suddenly become so popular? Younger people love the convenience offered by living in the same place where they partake in entertainment activities. It reduces the need for a car, which can save significantly on expenses. Plus, living in such an area is just fun — people love having access to places they love and enjoy the chance to live near friends. 

    Why Select Us for Multi-Use Real Estate Needs? 

    The knowledgeable brokers at Zommick McMahon care deeply about your success and will do everything possible to ensure you achieve it. That means leveraging our extensive network of connections to find unexpected gems. We may uncover a property you wouldn’t normally consider and can explain the characteristics that give it potential. Our relationship-focused approach to commercial real estate sets us apart. 

    Here are a few other advantages of working with us our clients often praise: 

    • Longstanding reputation: We build on institutional knowledge accumulated since our founding in 1949. 
    • Exceptional service: We always put our clients’ needs first and constantly strive to enhance our service.
    • Licensed in the tri-state region: We are licensed in three states — Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our contacts spread across the area, giving you a deep network to draw from. 

    Explore Options for Mixed-Use Real Estate in the Northeast

    We can identify the best multi-use property for sale in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Get in touch with us today! Call 610-359-1100 or fill out our online contact form to begin.