Commercial Buyer and Tenant Representation

Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate is here to help you find a suitable building for your business. We offer commercial buyer and tenant representation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our experts will gather listings, provide detailed information and negotiate on your behalf as you acquire or lease a space that meets your business’s needs. 

Our Services

A great deal on the right commercial property can empower your business to succeed. Our brokers are available to assist you by:

  • Finding listings: We have an extensive database of listings in your area. We’ll use our expertise to help you solidify your needs and find a property that satisfies them.
  • Comparing costs: Our brokers know the market and can spot a good deal when they see one. We’ll inspect the property to ensure its value matches the price.
  • Assessing properties: We have experience in many industries and can quickly determine whether a property will meet your needs.
  • Negotiating deals: Whether you plan to buy or lease commercial real estate, we’ll be on your side at the bargaining table to ensure you secure a deal that allows your business to thrive.


    The commercial real estate market is constantly evolving, and it changes from state to state. Choosing a broker who knows your local market will ensure your business finds the right property at a reasonable price. Zommick McMahon has rich experience in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Whether you’re looking for a property in your state or hoping to cross over into a new market, we’ll leverage our local expertise to help you find the best deal. 

    Why Zommick McMahon?

    Zommick McMahon is the ideal partner for companies in the Greater Philadelphia area looking for a new location to conduct business. Our tri-state experience lets us find the best listings in your region or nearby. 

    Since our foundation in 1949, we’ve helped hundreds of clients secure favorable deals on commercial properties that empower their businesses to perform at their best. Our brokers think creatively to find unique properties from inside and outside the visible market that will satisfy your needs. We thrive when you thrive, so you can always count on us to go the extra mile to secure a favorable deal on a property you love. 

    Reasons to Pursue Commercial Real Estate Representation

    As a business owner in the mid-Atlantic region, you understand the value of collaboration. Your business relies on the products and services others in your local area provide, just as your offerings keep the economy moving forward. You can always benefit from a helping hand, and that’s just as true when you’re searching for commercial real estate. Having a dependable broker can save you time and money as you look for the next place your business will call home. Here’s how: 

    • Bargaining: A broker will use their expertise to get a favorable offer whether you’re buying or leasing. 
    • Property insight: Some properties look great on the outside, but appearance isn’t everything. A broker knows how to spot the good and the bad in commercial properties. 
    • Networking: Your broker can use local connections to pull the best listings and find detailed information on the properties you visit. 
    • Long-term assistance: When it’s time to renegotiate your lease or place the property back on the market, a broker you can trust will fight for your best interests. 


    We specialize in numerous commercial property types and have access to dozens of listings that will meet your requirements. Check out our listings to find properties that suit these applications:

    Contact an Agent 

    The dedicated brokers at Zommick McMahon are ready to adapt to your needs and find a property that positions your business for success. For more on our representation capabilities for buyers and tenants, contact us online today!